As a business owner, it is always a gamble to invest time and resources to go on the road, especially in this age of videoconferencing where almost everything can be done with technology. But because of our firm belief in the relationship aspect of business, I welcome the opportunity to shake hands and break bread with clients!

In just a 4-day span we accomplished the following:

  1. Formed a new partnership relationship with David Whalen ( of 2020 Franchise Consulting ( – he has already helped bolster our presence in the franchise space with Happy’s Pizza in Detroit.
  2. Began to finalize a partnership with Mark McClellan ( of YOU Network ( – he has several franchise connections who he feels could benefit from our franchise services.
  3. Began to finalize a partnership with Jim Weber ( of ITB Partners ( – after my speaking engagement with them on Wednesday, Jim and I agreed to finalize EagleONE’s exclusive agreement with ITB.
  4. Enhanced our relationship with John Allen Dees ( of Dees & Associates ( – John has recently introduced us to the concept Cellairis and we are now in dialogues to help them with our franchise services.
  5. Enhanced our relationship with Joe Burum ( of GO Launch Pros ( – we are discussing a mutually beneficial partnership along with our franchise services for his franchise Amazing Lash.
  6. Continued our alliance with Tim Rowell ( of Eat Here Brands ( – we are arranging dialogues next week with the CEO, Ned Lidvall ( to discuss our franchise services.
  7. Began to finalize our partnership with Tem Frierson ( of Light House Business (
  8. Began to finalize our partnership with Brandon Lee ( of Funnel Amplified ( – we are fascinated with his platform and how it will enhance what we do for our clients in all the social and digital channels.

EagleONE is honored to have spent time with such quality people and quality brands. Our alliances make us stronger and are one of our keys to success!

If you’d like to learn more about what we are covering and learning while in Atlanta, and how it may enhance your approach with your customers, please feel free to set some time with me here:

Or email me @: We’re always glad to help other businesses get bettter.