As fortune would have it, EagleONE has been invited once again to visit with key clients and allies in Atlanta (ATL)! We have been graciously invited to speak by Jim Weber ( of ITB Partners ( to help their hundreds of consultants understand the value EagleONE brings to the clients they serve. EagleONE believes that this alliance can be mutually beneficial to all the companies that ITB serves, and we are honored to have the opportunity to form such a partnership.

EagleONE has really grown our circle of influence in ATL. While there, we also get to visit with the following:

  1. Mark McClellan ( of YOU Network (
  2. Tem Frierson ( of Light House Business (
  3. Brandon Lee ( of Funnel Amplified (
  4. Joe Burum ( of GO Launch Pros (
  5. John Allen Dees ( of Dees & Associates (
  6. Tim Rowell ( of Eat Here Brands (
  7. David Whalen ( of 2020 Franchise Consulting (

EagleONE believes our alliances help to make us who we are. We also know that if we continue to surround ourselves with quality partners and seasoned allies, it will enhance what we can do for OUR clients, in the franchise space and beyond.

Atlanta is also home to our Chief Experience Officer, Jim Borum ( who helps us to champion the area and the partners and clients we have there. I am looking forward to another successful week as each of these relationships strengthen and grow!

If you’d like to learn more about what we are covering and learning while in Atlanta, and how it may enhance your approach with your customers, please feel free to set some time with me here:

Or email me @:

We’re always glad to help other businesses get bettter.