You’ve heard the expression, “Hola, Como Estas” to which the response is the usual, “Bien, y tu? Well, yesterday my response was more focused – it was “me siento bendecido” – I feel blessed. Not just I am blessed, but I feel it. 

If you’ve ever met me, or heard me speak, I would have said to you a phrase I will tell anyone who will listen – “one of my best life choices was to become a dad”. Frankly, I had no idea how cool it actually was, I had no clue what I was really missing. You know another thing I didn’t fully understand? I didn’t truly know what love was until becoming a father. And I certainly didn’t appreciate the depth to which my own parents sacrificed all they had for my benefit and the benefit of my four brothers. 

As we sat around at my “Pops” house yesterday, I watched with a certain amount of awe all the goings on of a large family. Kids of all ages running around, my brothers and their wives all chatting in different conversations, and watching my Old Man take it all in.  He was relishing in the moment, in his glory with all the grandkids running about, being messy and noising like at all the family gatherings. 

I must admit, I got a little emotional with it all (I seem to do that more and more as I grow older) and as I sat there it dawned on me that there was another Father I needed to thank. And, for me, that was God, My Father. In the briefest of moments, I recognized that all of the things that I had this day were gifts – my sons, my solid relationships with my brothers, my wife and all the wives bustling about trying to make Father’s day special, all the kids running about, the laughter, the food, and my own two boys –  Dylan & Sam – right in the middle if it all. 

My 3 very best things in life are my wife Nicole and my two boys. Even though days seem long, and the years seem short, I never want to lose sight of the wonderful gifts I have been given. They are all that really matter. 

Happy Father’s Day to all – do yourself the favor – take a moment, pause, and think about all you have been given. As you tally your own blessings, relish in all you have been given.