“Listen, baby, ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough, ain’t no river wide enough” …I can hear the song echoing in my ears as I pen the lyrics. Wouldn’t it be great if as your clients, prospects and your sales team recalled these same lyrics they thought of you as their leader, or better yet, of your organization and the distance you are willing to go for them?

C’mon, Mike, is that even possible?!

You bet. And it’s easier than you think. Enter, Mighty Mouse & Marvin Gaye.

Let’s start with Mr. Marvin’s song. True, it’s about love. But that’s the whole point. As I have said numerous times in past blogs and articles, it’s about people. Let’s start with your clients and prospects. This kind of attitude, going to whatever distance it takes to deliver meaningful products or services to your clients, should simply be a part of your fabric.  And here’s a reality check – it starts with YOU. If you dump your whole self into your team, into your delivery, into how you treat each and every challenge, it will shine through and inherently penetrate the fabric of your organization.

What about the team, Mike? And my sales?

This kind of attitude is where Mighty Mouse comes in. If you remember the version of Mighty Mouse in the 40’s up though the 60’s, he was a mouse of few words. In fact, most of the verbalization in the early days was operatic in nature, almost as if when he did take time to speak it was worthwhile enough to sing his response. The point?

ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS.

Easy to understand, but easy to do? Yes, but only if you are committed to being a leader who is evaluated more by the actions you carry out each day, especially tough days. I’m not suggesting you have to be a superhero every day. I am saying, however, your actions should not only confirm your words, but they should outshine them.

Here’s the real benefit, just like with some of the other concepts I’ve covered in this series, this approach needs to be sincere. And if you are acting with sincerity, putting your team, your prospects and your clients first, if you keep the superhero mindset that you are here to serve, the rest will quite literally take care of itself. It’s easy to follow someone who puts others first, it’s also easy to invest in them.

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