Arguably one of the world’s greatest daredevils, Evel Knievel has been quoted as saying, “If you don’t know about pain and trouble, you’re in sad shape. They make you appreciate life.”

The most difficult “E” in this week’s article is Evolve. That’s because change often means some kind of trouble forces it or some kind of pain is associated with it. Or both.

So here are a few extra “E’s” that may help you as you digest how best to implement evolution into your company, for your teams and for your clients: Evel Knievel, Entrepreneurial, Erasures

To be clear, I am not going to advocate any daredevil kinds of attitudes here (although I will admit they have their time and place and a bit of brazen chutzpah properly timed and placed never hurts). What I am going to emphasize here though is the wisdom that is inherent in pain and trouble, because both are associated with growth. I told you in last week’s blog you are likely going to have one or more Donald Duck’s saying “Aw phooey” to your internal desire for evolution. So, here’s the trick to getting them on board more quickly:

ADMIT the pain is coming.

Yep, you heard me, tell the team right up front that there are some difficulties up ahead. And then further explain to them that ripping off the band-aid hurts a lot less than slowly peeling it off. Anyone on your team who’s worth keeping will get it. What’s more, you’d be surprised at the amount of unspoken respect you will gain from your team by just telling them like it is, instead of some sugar-coated version that no one believes anyway. Oh, and guess what else? Plan on being IN THE PAIN with them. Nothing will get you more respect and more adherence more quickly.

Great, Mike. Any more mountains to climb?

Nope. In fact, the last two “E’s” should make admitting the pain is coming a bit easier. First, be entrepreneurial in your attitude and approach. And invite your team to do the same. Encourage them to think creatively and to bring ideas to the table, especially if they have tried something that works well for them. The second is erase the mistakes. ERASE them. I am not saying don’t learn from them, but you can’t afford to dwell on them or place too much emphasis on them. What’s done is done. Admit it happened, address it if necessary, but then MOVE ON. You will stymie your progress otherwise, and you will undermine the entrepreneurial mindset if there is an internal fear of making mistakes.

No pain, no gain and all that…the best lessons you’ll learn are from falling down and then getting back up…as a team.

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