The “F” article in the series is staunch with steps, considerations, and serious, ongoing decisions to make. Let’s add a little light-heartedness to our F’s so I don’t lose the humanity in all of this.

Let me introduce: Frito Bandito & Fred Flintstone

Whoa, Mike! Are we going archaic and stereotypical here?

Yes and yes – by design. Let me explain…

You need to know in your marketing approach, especially with your F’s, there will be times where walls come crashing in – on your numbers, on your process, on your staff, on your results – and there will be times to make sure you celebrate those very same things.

Enter Frito Bandito. For those of you who don’t know, Frito Bandito was mascot for Frito’s Corn Chips from 1967 – 1971. It’s a time in the history of Frito Lay that they would like us all to forget. It was easily one of the most racist mascots in all of history, stereo-typing a whole ethnic population.

The point, Mike?

The point is you are going to make mistakes. PERIOD. And, you must acknowledge them, in public, and then MOVE ON. You’ll make a decision that has the greatest planning efforts and brightest minds all on board thinking it was a good idea, until your marketplace tells you that it isn’t. You need to have the fortitude to recognize these mistakes as quickly as possible, make corrections and then get your course corrected. And then learn from them. You can always go back and laugh at yourself later.

Equally important is celebrating your accomplishments.

Enter Fred Flintstone. We all know Fred’s “Yabba-dabba-doo!” On the surface, it has a child-like naivete that could easily be qualified as childish humor. I’d argue, however, there is a SINCERITY to it that is essential in your approach. When Fred bellowed his famous phrase, his true happiness or joy in that moment were never in question, however simple the cause might be. I’d challenge you to take on that same kind of sincerity with your team and your results, even at the risk of seeming childish. We all work hard, so some light-hearted and sincere excitement, even about a small internal victory, can go a long way towards building a lasting team.

And, more importantly, it may just show your team the truly human side of you, a revelation that may just be the one thing that keeps them continually committed to the company cause.


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P.S. Be sure to join us next week when we talk about the 3 G’s – Gender, Grace, Gratitude