Besides being a master of anthropomorphism (for those of you who don’t know, it’s a literary term where the author gives human behaviors and characteristics to animals), Rudyard Kipling was also a masterful storyteller. His most famous work, The Jungle Book, has been printed in over 500 editions, 36 languages, and made into a movie several times, most recently is 2016. Great story? Yes. Great message? ABSOLUTELY.

Hence the additional K’s in today’s blog: Kipling & Kool-Aid

“Alright, Mike. What could this possibly have to do with my sales team or increasing my sales?!

I’ll explain. If you think about the cast of characters in the book, the array of personalities, talents, specialties, and approach to “jungle life” couldn’t be much more eclectic. I would bet that’s on purpose. And I personally think it’s a part of what makes the story so powerful. You have Mowgli, the man cub, curious, daring, inquisitive. The loveable Baloo, care-free but aware, lackadaisical with purpose and kindness. And, of course, the antagonist, Shere Khan, the vicious and villainous tiger. The list goes on, but the point? The point is that Kipling demonstrated a very diverse group of characters who, in one way or another, all helped to shape who Mowgli was meant to become.

Now to your sales team. If you evaluated each of them for who they are, what contributions have they made to who you are as a culture? More importantly, how can you leverage the differences among your team to make the whole unit stronger? I can tell you the first step is to identify the differences. Then evaluate them and see how they can truly compliment one another. Then draw attention to them and celebrate the fact that the differences in each individual is part of what can make your team better.

Now for the Kool-Aid. Two quick things.

First. To the best of your ability, I strongly suggest that you and your team should be drinking your own Kool-Aid. As a full services marketing firm, I tell prospects all the time, we are drinking the same thing we are serving. It not only helps us to know our services inside and out, it is a strong testimonial that we believe enough in what we are doing to be using it to help us succeed and grow.

Second. You must make sure that the flavors you serve internally are consistent and that your team feels that way, too. In the kind you serve as rewards, in the kind you serve as discipline, in the kind you serve when announcing changes and in the kind you serve when engaging with your team. No one likes to come into a situation expecting a large ice-filled glass of blue only to find out that today you are serving room temperature red.


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