In this week’s article, one of the “L’s” is liaison. And because I recognize choosing such people in your organization can be challenging, I thought it would be worth expanding a little in an effort to choose a good fit for your team and your clients.

So, I thought I would add some context with: Lightning McQueen & Licorice Sticks

If you have children in your life – your own kids, relatives, grandkids, etc. – just saying Lightning McQueen conjures up friendly visions of Pixar’s wonderful trilogy. What I bet you don’t know (I didn’t until I did some research) is that the personality of this likeable Pixar character was modeled after famous people like Muhammed Ali, Charles Barkley, Joe Namath & Kid Rock. And the way they portray his driving style was modeled after none other than Michael Jordan, arguably one of the most talented and graceful athletes in any professional sport.

OK, Mike – the point? And how is this helping me choose the best liaison?

I’ll answer with a question. Do you know what these folks all have in common? They are all brazen. The are all considered standouts in their respective disciplines. They all have swagger that attracts others to them. But here’s the kicker, despite their most certain audacity and swagger, they were all LIKEABLE. So, my suggestion as you evaluate your liaison staff members, consider how much confidence and competence they have in your service offering. And that confidence is allowed to be a part of who they are when dealing with your team or your clients, but it shouldn’t come at the cost of them turning people off by it. So, the likeability factor should definitely play into your decision-making process. An easy way to draw a direct correlation to Lightning McQueen is your choice should be more like the Lightning McQueen at the end of the first movie, not the one you are introduced to in the beginning.

Now for the licorice sticks. And, of course, I mean the red kind (sorry to those of you who prefer the black kind – gross). The other thing you many want to consider in your liaison is a certain amount of sweetness. If you think about licorice in comparison to some other candy options, a word that may come to mind is subtle. The sweetness is just enough to have you reach for a second stick even when you shouldn’t, but it’s most certainly not overdone. I would tell you that it is a critical quality in your liaison and it’s of real value. It’s more than just the likeability that’s above, it’s a sincere desire to build and maintain those bridges I mention in the article. It will go a long way with both your team AND your clients.


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