“That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” I bet I don’t even have to say the name and you could tell me who said it. But can you tell me without using Google, who the 2nd astronaut was who landed on the moon? (It’s Buzz Aldrin by the way…) It’s kind of like asking who won last year’s National College Football Championship – we always remember winners and firsts. Why? Because our society is conditioned that way. It’s no different with your sales and your sales team.

Enter: Neil Armstrong & Nemo

Let’s start with Mr. Armstrong. While he’s famous for that one moment in time, it’s important to recognize that it was a lifetime of work that allowed him to get to that pinnacle. It was a combination of discipline, passion, perseverance, training – the list goes on. But I would argue that it was also Mr. Armstrong’s focus that channeled all the steps he had to take to get to where he wanted to go. The same is true for high-producing sales teams. Even though you may have a team that might not be filled with folks who are of the same caliber, with the right amount of focus, you can bring the best out in your people.

It’s also important to note that you regularly monitor, discuss and maintain that focus. It is very easy to chase what might look like a meaningful revenue opportunity. But if it does not fit the core focus of your team, the costs to the organization could outweigh the potential benefits from the revenue. What’s more, it may fracture the focus of the team in a way that has them missing opportunities that are within your predetermined guidelines.

OK, Mike. Neil Armstrong makes sense, but c’mon, Nemo?!

You bet.

Want to know what Neil and Nemo have in common? Unwavering tenacity. It’s the kind of intangible passion that is a “no matter what” mentality that helps the impossible become I’m possible. Nemo had a single focus, to get back home to his dad. And he overcame impossible odds to just get himself back into the ocean, so he had a fighting chance. Does your sales teamwork with that kind of chutzpah? If so, congrats – you’re already well on your way. If not, why not? And, more importantly, as their leader, what are you doing about it?

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