“Humans don’t just survive; the discover, they create…I mean, just look what they do with food!” Remy, that loveable rat from Pixar’s Ratatouille, was forever the optimist. His outlook on life was not only infectious on those around him but propelled him to do things no ordinary rat would ever consider doing – it lifted him AND those around him to be more than they were on their own.

Enter: Remy & Jackie Robinson

I can hear you now…C’mon Mike, what are we talking about now?! The R article dealt with loss, a tough reality of sales, and now we’re talking about rats?!

Yes, yes we are. Rats (or people) that make a difference. Personalities on your team that make ALL the difference when things looks bleak, insurmountable and have wreaked havoc on the morale of your sales team. You see, in my book, Remy is exactly the kind of personality I want around when my team has taken a shot for the worse, when we have to spend time licking our wounds and recharging our fortitude to get back out into the game, the fight another day. What I also love about personalities like Remy is that they are small, subtle, the kind of approach that makes only friends and allies, that allows some of your bigger personalities to shake off the dust, repair their egos, and get back in the game.

As for the first African American to ever enter professional baseball, well, his story is in books written pages. But what amazes me most about Mr. Robinson is his backbone, his sheer will to continue, the perseverance to be the man he knew he was destined to be. While he may appear in a “big” way in comparison to Remy, I would tell you that they shared the same admirable traits. They led others by their own actions, they influenced instead of berated. Mr. Robinson not only changed the face of major league baseball forever, he changed the way our country thinks about people in many regards, the very least of which was major league sports.

When you have trouble, when you are down in the 9th inning because of an unexpected loss, give me Robinson, and give me Remy, they will bring the rest into the best place they can be, and they will pull your team through. And when the dust settles, your team will be better people for having known them at all…I am.

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