If you know me, or know anyone who does, you know I am a HUGE Ohio State Buckeyes fan (GO Bucks)! Moreover, I am a college football junkie. I’m the guy in the fall who can spend the whole day on a couch, watching game after game, even when my team isn’t playing. What I really love about the sport is two things: the brilliant coaches and the chess match between them with some of the most talented athletes in the world.

Alright, Mike. Remember, this is a sales series?!

Indeed! Enter: Urban Meyer & Unicorns

While I’ve never met them man or been privileged to be a member in one of his locker rooms, I can say with certainty Urban Meyer took his years at Ohio State seriously and gave an already great program a path to the next level. I’ve mentioned his book, Above the Line, in the past. If you ever get the chance to read it, I can promise that you will take at least one thing from it that will make you a better leader.

And that’s the point of bringing him up at all by the way, it’s about you as a leader. Coach Meyer instilled in his players a sense of pride – pride in each other, pride in the cause, pride in giving your all when it counts the most, even if you don’t get any of the credit. Even as a fan, never did I think in a million years in 2013 when J.T. Barret went down in the last game of the regular season (with that team up north) would we go on to win the national championship working our way through teams like Alabama & Oregon. Yes, it took a talented team, but it took relentless leadership in bringing out the best in each and every resource he has at his disposal. That’s leadership.

As for Unicorns, well, I’d like to reference back to the pipeline discussion we had in this week’s article while discussing being unbiased. On my own path as a salesperson and leader, I can personally attest that the Unicorns (the trophy clients) are real. And it never hurts to dream big and always keep your deep lines out for the next proverbial big fish. But I wouldn’t encourage you as a leader to invest much time or energy in them or allow your sales team to do so either. They are elusive and oftentimes just when you think you’ve got them cornered, they slip out from under you. You can’t build a business on them. And if you have one now for a client, that’s great, but I would caution you to NOT build your whole business around them, because in a moment’s notice, they could be gone…

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