We left this week’s article with a spin on the last “X”, X-Factor. And while I stand by my spin on what it could truly be, I must also admit that growing up in the 70s made me a big fan of comic books, superheroes, and protagonists in action movies who looked cool just walking and talking, let alone when they were doing death-defying stunts to save a damsel in distress or the whole free world from the next catastrophic event. Sometimes cool is just that, cool.

Enter: X-Men & xXx (The Movie)

Alright, Mike – first you encourage to allow things like kindness to be a part of our X-factor, and now your saying to be cool?

Yes. Yes, I am. Think about the X-men (although I must admit as a Punisher fan, I’ve always kind of been a Marvel guy). Think about the creative set of characters that made the group. Each and every member, no matter your favorites, had a different talent, a different asset that contributed to the greater whole. There were men and women, all sorts of colors and unique modifications, and all of them were special at something different. Know any sales team like that?

Here’s the point – Charles Xavier, their leader, sought out those differences, encouraged them as strengths, and channeled the unique talent in a way that helped each individual as well as the group as a whole. Ultimately, he was able to take what the world considered odd and make the world a better place. Do you feel like that is something that may benefit your team?

As for Triple X, I think most either love Vin Diesel or they don’t. Regardless, in his role as Xander in the movie, he’s not only a bad ass (like with most of his roles), he goes through a metamorphosis throughout the course of the movie. He goes from being a rebellious, trouble-making self-serving individual to a person who puts his talents and unorthodox ways to use for a cause that is bigger than himself. Why? Because someone saw in him his true capabilities, someone knew that what was looked at as a societal nuisance was actually an untapped resource. In short, someone believed in him.

As a leader and a business owner, I’d encourage you to take a good look at what you count as assets and what you count as short-comings about your team. Could you be missing something?

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