When I was a kid, baseball was one of my favorite sports to follow. Much of it had to do with the “Big Red Machine” of Cincinnati, and my love of the New York Yankees history – names like Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Yogi Berra. I remember reading a quote in a book once from old Yogi, it read: “ It ain’t the heat, it’s the humility”. It wasn’t until much later in life that I truly appreciate the larger-than-life characters some of these men were in their time.

I know, I know – Mike, where is this helping me in sales, right?


Enter: Yogi Berra & YOLO

Let’s start with old Yogi. You know as a sales leader who you have someone on your team that will always be a clean-up hitter. You know them because they deliver time after time. But what about all those people around your all-star that help them do what they do so well? In many cases, the all-star gets all the attention and the support staff gets zip. Nada. For me, I judge our all-stars on production, sure. It matters. But my team also knows that I am looking and listening for them to recognize the contributions of their support team. And they know why I am looking and listening for it. Quite simply, no one, not even the colorful characters above, got where they did on their own. A baseball team has 9 players, not one, and no matter the size of the contribution, it’s a team sport. What’s more, people of good character willingly acknowledge those around them who helped in the cause, and that to me, counts more than just their numbers.

On the YOLO – I’m not sure where the whole concept of considering the brevity of life and the fact it should be self-serving in some way originated, but it certainly wasn’t with these 4 letters. What I can say is that it should have an asterisk beside it. Or in more modern terms, maybe a hashtag. Living life to the fullest is absolutely something I’d encourage everyone to do, by my YOLO would be YOLO #BMOO – You Only Live Once, Be Mindful Of Others. That’s a mantra I think we can all appreciate.

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