What I have always found fascinating about movies, comic books and drama series is the use of masks. From superheroes to villains, from ancient archives to modern film, the use of masks seems almost a part of the fabric when it comes to fictitious stories.

OK, Mike, you’re still at it! We’re talking about sales, not superheroes or Halloween parties. Um, my sales?!

Bear with me this one last time…

Enter: Zorro & Zurg

In one of the original comic books of Zorro, he’s quoted as saying, “When I decided to follow my dream, I had already discarded my life”. Now, there can be many interpretations of that, but one I am NOT suggesting is you sacrifice your life just for the sake of growing your business or hitting some sales goal. What I am saying, though, is that we can take some words of wisdom from this masked crusader in this light. Business and sales are sacrifice. Real, every day, conscious sacrifice. As an entrepreneur who has personally ridden the proverbial roller-coaster, I can tell you that sacrifice is inherent in making a real go of it. And sometimes, just keeping the lights on and grinding through doesn’t seem as fantastical as saving a damsel in distress. But guess what? It’s required. And, it will build a certain amount of grit and resiliency in you that will serve you well in years to come, especially as you grow and develop your internal teams. Those battle scars will serve you and your team well.

As for Zurg, well that’s a different kind of mask, a different kind of character. And as loveable and clumsy as he ultimately was in “Toy Story”, I’d tell you it’s a mask you probably want to avoid. His mask is meant to disguise his true personality (a fun-loving dad, not the dark lord of the universe). And as you well know, there are all kinds of masks that people put on in the workplace. All the more reason to get to know your teams well AND let them get to know you. You owe it to them, and to yourself to allow the sincere personalities to flourish – the whole company will ultimately be better for it.

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