Abraham Lincoln is quoted as saying, “I don’t like that man. I must get to know him better.” A sound statement that should give us all pause in this current state of political divisiveness.

What could old Abe possible have to do with sales?!

Well…a part of the idea behind Abe’s statement is others first.

Which leads us to a few more C’s: Collaboration    Channel    Contentment

Collaboration. I know, I know, this is one of those words that is so loaded with “feel good” you have to stop and wonder sometimes, what’s it really worth? Or how to insert it properly into your team and for your clients. The truth is it has Abe’s quote at its heart. And, something inherent happens along the way when it’s applied with purpose. PEOPLE GET TO KNOW ONE ANOTHER MORE SINCERELY.

Collaboration should be happening in every department of your organization. Oh, and don’t forget that the more collaboration you get with your clients, the more human they become, the more human you become, and the better chance you have of working through any deployment problems as fellow humans in a common cause.

This leads us to Channel. Channel has 2 applications. First, you need to choose which avenues within your organization need to interact with one another and how frequently. And how should internal messages flow, both good and bad. Is it a linear pattern for your teams? More cyclical in nature based on company culture?

That’s YOUR call.

But you better make the call and make sure everyone knows what it is or things will bounce around like lottery balls and everyone will be frustrated and opportunity will be lost.

Second, you must control the channels out. This means knowing when and why you are choosing them in the first place. Are you going digital? Or more direct? Is your message for your own company and for your clients clear and consistent across channels? Who has the control and how do you assess? I know – a lot to think about, but all part of the game.

And then there’s Contentment.

C’mon, Mike. Haven’t we had enough feel good??!!

Let me ask you one question. Have you ever lost a client or a talented member of your team and been surprised? Or worse yet, never discovered the reason why? That’s why contentment is so important, my reading friends.

Like it or not how content your people and clients TRULY are makes a world of difference. You have to care enough to not only ask, but to remind yourself to ask frequently. It can and will make all the difference in your fiscal year.

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