In the “G” article, GRACE is the one element that is most lacking in good sales teams and good sales processes, so I thought I would articulate its importance with two notable characters. There isn’t only one way to implement this important facet, so I chose two very different personalities to articulate some options.

Here’s two personalities to consider: Garfield & Gandhi

Garfield. That fat, lasagna-loving cat from our childhood that seemingly only ever looks out for his own best interest. Yes, on the surface, he is gruff, self-serving, focused on his next meal, and his next nap.

Know anyone on your team who has some of those redeeming qualities?

But if you’ve gotten to know Garfield through the old cartoon strips or the myriad of cartoons over the years, you know Jim Davis created something that was much more endearing than what Garfield seems to be on the surface. But, like with all people with these kinds of gruff or standoffish outward qualities, there is usually someone underneath that yearns to be known and to be a part of a bigger whole.

So why Garfield, Mike?

Because this type of team member will require patience. And understanding. And maybe even a certain amount of caressing of personality to uncover their best qualities. Nothing works hand-in-hand with grace like patience. NOTHING. It’s also worth mentioning that the kind of grace you have to show with these kinds of personalities may not coincide well with your own personality. Enter grace – grace of understanding, grace of the day-to-day, grace of caring enough about your team to deliver a message that resonates with all.

And then there’s Gandhi. The world-famous pacifist who moved mountains with patience, persistence and peace. He should be much easier to deal with, right? Wrong. Grace will be required here, too. While I can appreciate the peacemakers on the team, sometimes motivating them to reach company numbers can be quite the hurdle. Enter grace – grace in motivation, grace in inspiration, grace in patience and articulating company goals.

Grace can be a tricky, ever-evolving methodology you need to deploy to support the personality of your team. Make no mistake, it will not be easy, and it will test your patience, but in the end it will deliver dividends in loyalty and tenure and, most importantly, an inherent mutual respect within your team.

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P.S. Be sure to join us next week when we talk about the 3 H’s – Happiness, Humanness, Honor