Sales is serious business, it is the lifeline of your organization, the thing that makes all else possible for your company. You know that. As a seasoned salesperson, however, I would also like to think it is fun – the people, the discussions, the negotiations, the evolution of the relationship from stranger to client and ally. And I think it’s important that the fun doesn’t get lost in the numbers race, or you’ll have a burned-out team with opportunity cost looming at your door.

So… here are a few more “H’s” Humor – Henery Hawk or Hong Kong Phooey

Let’s face it. Your sales team is made up of all kinds of personalities. Some of them might even have multiple personalities, depending on the day (my team would say that about me…). So, adding humor to the mix is a delicate but valuable effort that will go along way in building morale and making sure that laughing, even at one’s self, is accepted and celebrated.

For those of you that don’t know, Henery Hawk is this pint-sized Mel Blanc creation that is seen mostly in Foghorn Leghorn episodes. It’s a corny take on how the “little guy” can be audacious, fearless and someone not to be taken lightly. But he’s focused – almost every episode he’s on the hunt for a chicken to eat (he’s a chickenhawk after all – no offense to any PETA supporters). And he doesn’t take no for an answer or let any obstacle “too big” stand in his way.

Have any personalities like this on the team?

Bottom line – he’s a hoot to watch in action and the comedic approach also has valuable life lessons.

Hong Kong Phooey is a completely different kind of humor. And you may find it more appropriate for your team. He appears to be a mild-mannered, clumsy janitor who is in fact a secret super-hero trained in martial arts. He’s witty, and get’s himself stuck in situations that usually require his side-kick Spot to rescue him (without him knowing it or acknowledging it, of course).

Forgive me if all this seems a bit tongue & cheek. But it’s important for us all to remember that humor, laughter, smiles, joy – these are things that are good for the soul. And if we are careful and considerate about what kinds of humor fit our teams best, it can go a long way in building the kind of morale that will make your team more than co-workers, they can also be friends.

So, put some humor int to the mix, will ya already?

Or, to paraphrase Henery Hawk, “Are you addin’ humor to your sales approach quietly, or do I have to muss ya up!?”

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P.S. Be sure to join us next week when we talk about the 3 I’s – Insight, Initiative, Imagination