(A Supplement to The Alphabet Article Series – The ABCs of Solving Sales Problems)

For those of you who aren’t English majors, or lovers of poetry, theatre and all things renaissance, an “aside” has many useful definitions. But, for the purposes of this blog series, it simply means something extra to consider, to keep in a safe place when the process or the team doesn’t seem to be “buying in” or God forbid, your original battle plan isn’t working out (very likely, despite your best laid plans…sorry to be the bearer of bad news early).

So here’s a little something extra to help you on the 3 “A’s” , or as we say in Spanish,  “un poco más para ayudarte …

I could have easily called the 3 “A’s” the following: Awareness, Authenticity & Autonomy – so why didn’t I? Mostly because they all involve vulnerability on YOUR part. That’s right, the capital “V” word. I know, I know, it’s scary. Downright unsettling. Wait? Isn’t that word officially banned in most business cultures?


And, not in really good marketing efforts either. Especially when it comes to your people. Oh no, did he just say the “P” word too? Does that mean I have to get the opinions of others? Where’s he going with this??

I’ll tell you.

Your clients are only going to get what your people put into it. And the 3 “A’s” that matter from a management position matter most to your team. You have to be AWARE. Aware of opinions, politics, talent, smarts, health, well-being, and a host of other things that don’t technically matter when analyzing the numbers (including emotional and even spiritual well-being). Why? Because they all AFFECT the numbers. It’s a grass roots, people thing. Feel me?

Authenticity, what’s that exactly? You must be real with all the parties involved. And that realism starts with your team. You have to care, to understand, to listen, and even in some cases, YES, I’m saying the “V” word again, you may have to show them your vulnerability. Why? Simple, your team won’t care how much you know until they truly know how much you care. And they have to see you as HUMAN. And so do your clients. You see all their bumps and bruises. You have to. They have to expose them in the onboarding process – they wouldn’t know you if they didn’t need your help. It’s OK to let them know you are not perfect either.

And the last “A” – well that’s the most difficult of all. With autonomy comes one more bad word, it’s inherent though, so I must speak it – it’s the “T” word. TRUST. Not just you trusting your team, but your team trusting YOU. You have to empower your folks and they have to know you trust them to do what they do well. It’s the only way it works.

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P.S. Be sure to join us next week when we talk about the 3 B’s – Beliefs, Buy-In & Benchmarks.