Customer journey maps are made to visualize the customer's path from initial thought all the way to action. They can be made more understandable by using visual materials, colors, and even emojis. According to, 90 % of information is better absorbed when presented visually. So, how can one make a CJM research colorful, clear, and convincing? Paint the picture Instead of writing dozens of words to describe a customer journey stage, add a picture to the block of text. Think of it this way: a picture of a guy in a hammock holding a fruity drink is more engaging than a scrupulous description of a guy asking for a drink at a bar. Emojis are a powerful way to show emotion, which is why we use them so often in customer journey maps.

Picture your persona's channels and processes. Show the type of the process to shine out the customer's path through separate interactions. Simple lines and circles can represent the most complex ideas, so why not add some basic geometry to your CJM? The absolute best way to create an engaging map is to make it as realistic as possible. This means adding interactions of your persona with others and presenting this variable. The human brain understands sizes, shapes, and colors, and can instantly translate complex numbers into plain and logical packages. The shapes are followed by the colors: green light - red light. Color-coding your CJM emphasizes the good, the bad, the dangerous, and the rewarding. To make your CJM informative and catchy, use all the means of expression mentioned and create a crucial piece of business analytics.

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