Over the last few weeks, ChatGPT, a new model for conversational AI, has attracted a lot of attention. It took just five days to reach one million signed-up users, and it's estimated that the figure may already be over two million. What’s so different about ChatGPT? The ChatGPT model sits in the emerging generative AI category and can offer human-like conversations across a range of diverse topics. It uses the same underlying GPT-3 technology as the DALL.E neural network to generate images from text descriptions.

Testing ChatGPT’s CX expertise ChatGPT is a powerful language model that is trained to respond to natural language inputs. It can be used to assist human agents to answer customer inquiries and provide helpful information, improving the customer experience. ChatGPT is a type of conversational AI that generates human-like text responses to input. It can be integrated with other conversational AI systems to provide more natural and accurate responses to user inquiries. Contact center agents can take advantage of ChatGPT in several ways, including providing answers to frequently asked questions, improving the customer experience, and providing real-time assistance to human agents. Interesting, but caution is key… Initially, ChatGPT responses look great and are knowledgeable and informative, but they often just sound like well-crafted tech-speak. Although it's correct to be cautious, generative AI tools such as ChatGPT are barely out of the lab and could have a significant impact on customer journeys in the future.

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