Attracting and retaining new customers is critical to business success, yet many customers get discouraged during their initial attempt to buy or create an account. We live in an age where people expect a seamless customer experience. Testing is the only way to guarantee a satisfactory customer journey. The survey respondents identified the five most common barriers to opening a new account: too many steps, unclear process, functional bugs, account activation issues, and hard entering the information requested. Customers can encounter problems with onboarding processes, such as linking credit cards or third-party accounts for payments or misunderstanding how to complete the process.

Security concerns can also lead to problems, as can failing to set expectations regarding timelines and technical requirements. While functional testing ensures that everything works as designed, poor onboarding can lead to customers deleting your app. Irritation points and customer expectations vary across different channels and even different industries. Using a community of testers can help you identify irritation points and offer clear guidance on how to remove that irritation. As brands compete for customers, it's important to make sure new users get off on the right foot. Real-world feedback can help remove irritation from the onboarding process.

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