In 2022, the customer service industry is experiencing a seismic shift and companies adopting a gig-style staffing model to cope with the challenges of today's volatile markets. Many companies have realized that shifting to remote working hasn't benefitted the customer service agents, and are now reverting entire networks back, as the work from home model presented significant challenges. Brand advocates are becoming a mainstream part of customer service. These people will be hired via models like Gig-style customer service and will help other customers get more value from their products or services at every point in the customer journey. Facebook, Snapchat, and other technology companies are acquiring businesses to provide customer service on their platforms.

This introduces new revenue-generating opportunities for these companies and increases the use of asynchronous messaging to engage with brands. In the next few years, we could see live chat disappearing or moving to asynchronous engagement everywhere, as more customers realize the benefits of asynchronous messaging. This means brands can engage with customers wherever they feel most comfortable. Customer service teams will need to adopt new platforms, processes, and ways of meeting with customers moving forward to stay competitive and avoid unnecessary costs and dissatisfied customers.

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