While many while away the hours squabbling about which BOND (007) has the strongest character, EagleONE contends that there is no stronger bond than the one between your customers and your brand.  So, when things go wrong, you should take a powerful interest in setting things right, instead of just getting the mess cleaned up fast and getting back to business as usual. This will build customer loyalty and valuable goodwill. When things go wrong, customers become more discerning, and if things are handled well, they will return to the brand and recommend it to their friends.

Use these seven simple steps to gain customer loyalty by "Bouncing Back" with S-E-R-V-I-C-E recovery. Respond to the Customer Take the time to empathize, be a listening ear, keep personal contact, and thank them personally. Give more than what customers expect. Refunds, discounts, special assistance, extra services - whatever it takes - do it fast. Make it easy for your customers to complain! Set up a telephone hotline, give counter staff the power to take prompt and significant actions for your customers, conduct focus groups, and run surveys to keep track of your customers' changing expectations. Service recovery costs money, but it's a proven strategy.

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