The root of the English word "confidence" is "fido," which means "trust," "believe," or "confide in." The prefix "con" indicates that the word was originally intended to convey a communal concept. According to this analysis, the term "self-confidence" is redundant because the word confidence expresses one's positive attitude toward personal competence, capability, and self-sufficiency. People will find it difficult to be confident without positive reinforcement from others. We set our realities mainly from the input of others. Our strength and personal realities are formed by the contributions of others, and confidence builds when others are encouraging and supportive. When you know you know, you can make better decisions and behave in ways that are conducive to success. This builds confidence and helps you assess risks realistically and bounce back from failure quickly.

To become confident in all you do, you must give others what you want them to give you. This is called being the change you wish to see in others. If you want to be around people who smile more, then smile more.  You can alter others' ways of acting by altering your own first. When you change your attitude of mind, you alter the way you behave, and this, in turn, alters the ways others behave toward you. When you change something about yourself, others are naturally challenged to change their responses to the "new you". This creates a "virtuous cycle" that benefits both the individual and the community. There are two ways to change yourself: think your way into a new way of acting or act your way into a new way of thinking.

 Thinking your way into a new way of acting takes time but acting your way into a new way of thinking is immediate. Treating co-workers as colleagues of equal worth makes them want to collaborate with you in the future. This creates a "virtuous cycle" that fosters confidence and achievement. Doing right means doing things you don't always feel like doing, but that is necessary to do if you want to do it more easily and with greater impact in the future. Self-made communities count, too, because they can be formed in the mind of an individual using reading and meditation. And we have control over these inner communities. Belief in one's ability to succeed in life is the one thing that ensures a venture’s successful outcome.

Confidence is seeing yourself as a winner. Confidence arises from the past and the future and is nurtured by history, visualization, experience, expectation, fact, dream, knowledge, and hope. Everyone is responsible for acquiring and growing confidence. By focusing on what you want, you can create a virtuous cycle that results in greater achievements and benefits for humanity.

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