More people than ever are working remotely, but there are also ever-evolving distractions to be found in the comfort of your very own home. It is important to develop strategies for staying on track. When your entire work-life exists in a virtual world, digital interruption becomes your biggest challenge for simply getting things done. Seek out anti-distraction apps to minimize notification noise and stay present on what's important. Breaks help sustain productivity, but only if you take the right kind of break. Clear breaks are intentional, where you physically step away from your workspace, seek meaningful human connection, and allow your brain to relax. If you want to really delve into some productive deep work, you need to prioritize and create space for it. Plan time for regular deep work sessions of 60-90 minutes, and make sure each session has a clear goal. Monotony and routine can quickly quell your drive, but a change of scenery or daily habits can help stimulate new thinking patterns. This can be as simple as working from different locations in your home or planning a different lunch break activity for each day. Few things sap your productive energy quite like "empty tasks" that keep our progress visible, accountable, and organized. We can use smart tools to reduce the time and effort they require from us. Productivity timers help you stay focused by allowing you to be accountable for each minute that passes.

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