We've all felt totally irritated while at work. When we get upset, our mind goes into fight-or-flight mode, and we make poor judgements and say things we may regret later. It's perfectly natural to experience a wide range of emotions in the workplace, including anger. Learning to productively communicate your emotions is key to boosting your emotional intelligence. When work is making you angry, learn to manage your anger in a constructive, professional way. When you feel yourself getting angry, acknowledge that it's normal and part of your evolutionary code. Instead of fighting your reaction, find a way to release it in a healthy, self-respecting way and disrupt the automatic thought pattern that's been triggered.

Understanding your triggers will help you avoid a full-blown freak out. Build in breaks during times when you know you'll have to work together to avoid triggering situations. When confronting a situation that's making you angry, spend some time identifying and articulating your feelings. Use the right vocabulary to express what you're feeling in the most appropriate way possible. Focus on the Solution, Not the Problem - Instead of dwelling on what's making you angry, focus on what lessons you can learn from the situation so that you can move on in a productive way. Anger is an emotion you'll confront throughout your career. Learn how to manage it effectively.

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