Is it time to detox your call center? If so, start here. Get the foundations right, ask agents what their major stress triggers are, rethink flexibility, build mandatory rest time into schedules, and develop a special DIY de-stressor kit. Contact centers need to engage more intimately with customers to influence brand perception, win sales, and build longer-term loyalty. Encourage agents to perfect a compelling storyboard and motivate team members through gamification. Focus on soft skills, such as empathy, helpfulness, adaptability, active listening, and patience, to minimize stress and keep customers on your side.

 Reassess agent training programs to make sure they are ready for the year ahead. To beat agent burnout, introduce 'lifestyle' scheduling, which allows agents to build and edit their own schedules around their life. This is particularly beneficial to hybrid working. Analytics is the way forward, inside, and out, for the contact center They capture and analyze data from within the contact center and beyond, converting data into valuable business intelligence that can be used to enhance the agent and customer experience.

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