CX Services and Solutions

Our CX Services and Solutions

Customers are more willing to engage with a business when they know they can get what they want when, where, and how they want it. To stay competitive in an increasingly saturated market, you must provide superior customer experience. Our cost-effective and enterprise-level services let you do just that.

Inbound Call Center Services

Customer service and support live chat

Live Chat Support

Some customers prefer placing orders or making inquiries via chat-based conversations. Our live chat solution also boosts accessibility — customers don't have to make a call or write an email to reach you.

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Email Support

Customers who need to attach files when making inquiries or filing reports might be more inclined to email support. They can describe their concern in detail and ensure there’s a paper trail.

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Order Taking Support

Focus on bettering your business while you outsource order taking support. You can replace the time developing your products instead of handling customer orders and questions.

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Technical Support

Our team of agents accommodate customers’ general and technical issues. By promptly addressing these concerns on your behalf, our team contributes to your operational efficiency.

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Reservations and Appointment Setting

Focus on bettering your services and your customer relationships while we handle all your reservation and appointment setting tasks. This service makes sure your brand accommodates all patrons.

Make Your Customers Feel Compelled to Reach Out

Without proper communication channels, customers and orders can be lost. EagleONE’s inbound call center services cover all platforms that your customers use to get in touch: phone, chat, and email. Let’s discuss the most suitable options today.

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Outbound Call Center Services

Survey, poll or questionnaire for user experience or customer satisfaction research

Surveys and Feedback

There’s more to customer satisfaction surveys and feedback forms than letting your customers know that you care about their opinion. The results also help you determine which business ideas are viable and which ones need improvement. Gather the data you need from the right people.

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Customer Retention

Although gaining new leads and retaining customers both contribute to the success of your business, retention is critical. Loyal customers are more likely to try additional products or services. They’re also more likely to recommend your brand to people they know.

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Callback Services

Make sure you turn strong leads into customers. Use outbound calling services to remind prospective customers of your product or service. Callbacks often lead to new customers and greater revenue.

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Reach Out to Your Target Audience

The key to marketing your business is to target the correct audience. Sometimes, all you need are outbound call center solutions that reach out directly to interested prospects. Let’s talk about the right outbound marketing services for your business.

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Benefits of EagleONE’s Inbound and Outbound Call Center Services

Improved Productivity

By outsourcing inbound and outbound call center solutions to EagleONE, your in-house team can focus on bettering your products or services. You maintain maximum productivity and operational efficiency while we execute routine responsibilities like customer support and appointment setting.

Reduced Operating Costs

Outsourced call center services eliminate the need to train your staff to answer and manage calls; you’ll already have an experienced team at your disposal. You also don’t have to deal with human resource issues like sick days, vacations, and other concerns that affect in-house staffing and operating costs.

More Leads and Sales

Having a team for answering inbound customers calls, making outbound customer calls, conducting web-generated callbacks, taking orders, setting appointments, and handling customer complaints. A dedicated team  helps  you find quality leads and drive great conversion.

Better Customer Service

Consumers are aware of the accessibility and convenience of the digital marketplace. They want to be able to get the products or services they need at any time. They also expect assistance whenever they need it. Meet their expectations through EagleONE’s customer experience services.

Greater Customer Loyalty

Inbound call center services address the concerns of your existing customers, while outbound call center services generate quality leads and turn them into customers. These solutions strengthen communication between you and your audience, resulting in a more meaningful client relationship.

Potential for Business Growth

Customer experience plays a major role in the growth of your business. A call center simplifies the way people contact your business, making customer engagement more user-friendly. It also provides availability when your audience needs it, which increases customer satisfaction and post sales and service.

Outsource Your CX Needs to EagleONE

EagleONE is a technology-based company that helps you exceed customer expectations. Our inbound and outbound call center services are centered around improving customer experience and establishing brand loyalty. Let’s discuss the most suitable approach for your business on a brief discovery call.

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