Technology is ubiquitous, and we carry our world of information in our pockets or purses in the form of a smartphone. Unplugging is a trend that many are trying, but it can be difficult to unplug in today's highly connected world. The internet has removed the stigma around discussing mental health issues, but it can also trigger those very same issues. Studies have found a correlation between anxiety and stress and greater usage of devices. If you're using the internet or your phone to unwind, try unplugging occasionally to find some extra time to do chores around the house, pick up a new hobby or spend time with family.  According to Harvard Health Publishing, screens emit blue light, which upsets our circadian rhythms and prevents us from falling or staying asleep, as well as removing any chance at having restorative sleep.

 We can mitigate some of these problems by turning on a blue light filter or putting our phone on Do Not Disturb mode. Disconnecting from technology can help your non-digital life become richer and fuller because you're more focused on the real one because you're less focused on the one emitting from your phone. If you don't really need to use your computer for anything else, but you want to use less tech, find the tech and internet venues that make you happiest and cut the rest out of your life. You can also set certain hours of the day where you allow yourself to use technology and others where you don't. This can help you prioritize how you use the tech.

The final method is to physically limit your availability of technology, for example, by making your bedroom an unplugged zone or by making the living room or dining room a no-screen zone. Technology is everywhere these days, but we can control how much access we give to the digital world. By unplugging on occasion, we can access the benefits that can improve our health and well-being and as result offer a more meaningful existence in the real world.

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