Much like the epic adventure and map that guided the “Goonies” to one-eyed Willies’ treasure, a customer journey map is a visual story demonstrating the road the customer will travel down when engaging with your brand. It can be used to create seamless customer service for consumers. To start mapping out your customer journey, bring your team together. Include the heads of departments in sales, marketing, customer service, and web design. Create a customer persona to gain a better understanding of your consumers and how they're likely to approach your brand or service. Create a persona for each stage of their purchasing journey.

Segment customer personas into touchpoints to understand how your operations influence customers into buying. These touchpoints can include advertising, content, researching, browsing your websites, contacting customer support, purchasing, and feedback. Compile your existing data into the above touchpoints and assess each department's current performance and customer perception. This will help you to improve your customer journey map and lead to higher conversions. After completing the above steps, you can start drawing up a more detailed journey map for your customers. Be cognizant that your map needs to be amendable for changes you may want to implement later.

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