Technology has created a frenzy, putting information and people at our fingertips, and doing so at speeds that continue to increase. If you want your business to thrive, you must focus on speed and remove obstacles that make speed impossible. The absence of empowerment is another roadblock to speed that must be eliminated. Empowered employees benefit customers, coworkers, and the company. Procrastination is the third roadblock to speed. Instill in your employees the need to do things quickly and praise them when they do.

If you are doing business with outside vendors who don't share your commitment to speed, fire them and look for others who do. It's imperative that you make speed a priority in every aspect of your business. Speed requires a special mindset, a willingness to actively seek out opportunities to use speed every day, and perseverance. Speed without accuracy is counterproductive, so encourage speed, support it, and praise employees who practice it.

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