Total Experience seeks to combine customer experience and employee experience into a single streamlined experience across every business segment, function, and technology interface. TX can reduce interdepartmental barriers, curb overspending on unnecessary technology solutions, and unlock key insights into customer loyalty and employee engagement, helping businesses grow faster and achieve world-class customer and employee advocacy levels.
When you can solve employee needs, you can solve some customer needs and vice versa. By focusing on employee needs, you can serve customers even better. Brands make a big mistake by skipping the strategy phase and going into execution mode.
Brands can save years of going nowhere by taking a few months to create a data-driven foundation. If you want to capture the differentiation that TX offers, you need to do it right. Data can help you, but technology alone can't solve your experience problems.
Evaluate your current customer and employee experiences, and the health of your enabling business, technology, and operational capabilities to inform your new Total Experience strategy. Using the feedback and information gathered, design a TX concept that aligns with customer and employee needs and drives growth while reducing costs.
Engage with your customers and employees to ensure your TX strategy remains aligned with evolving behaviors and expectations. This helps build fulfillment with your brand. As you continue to engage your audience, evolve your TX by modifying your current state assessment, redefining your shifting personas, and identifying the problems that need to be solved.
As you begin implementing your Total Experience strategy, you can grade your efforts using the TX Maturity Model. It has five levels: alignment, understanding, design, orchestration, and measurement. The TX Maturity Model can help you kick-start your brand's Total Experience journey. A strong strategy ensures you're acting on and allocating toward the right deliverables.

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