A customer touchpoint is any interaction a customer has with a business, from first learnings to repeat sales. There are numerous options for engagement channels and customer touchpoints, but you might forget a touchpoint. Learning your customer touchpoints is essential for establishing brand loyalty, producing more sales, and measuring the success of your touchpoints along the way.

The customer journey looks different for each business, so your customer touchpoints might be different too. Reviews are essential for your online store and can be used in the pre-purchase section, purchase state, and post-purchase stage. Get customers' agreement to send them marketing emails and use email validation to ensure the collection of high-quality data.

Consider your business as an online community, and deal with complaints and questions quickly to establish brand loyalty. Customer touchpoints influence your bottom line. By understanding how they impact your bottom line, you can design and optimize your customer journey map to continuously pull in sustainable revenue for your online business.

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